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Thoughts on next year's election

From a truly insightful essay, "The United States of Entitlements" by Bruce Thornton (HT: Glenn Reynolds):

... the 2012 elections will be a referendum on democracy itself, a contest between Plato and Protagoras. It will show whether a critical mass of American voters are able to see beyond their own private interests and make decisions that, while causing themselves some pain, are nonetheless necessary for the long-term fiscal health of the country—or whether, consistent with the ancient critics of democracy and the fears of the founders, they will choose instead a government that uses its power to benefit those who are, as Polybius put it, "habituated to feed at the expense of others, and to have [their] hopes of a livelihood in the property of its neighbors."

There can be no two opponents more suited to engage in this upcoming battle over the future of our country than Barack Obama, the most fervent advocate for a bigger, more redistributive government, and Paul Ryan, the most articulate spokesman for limited government, individual freedom, and the need for entitlement reform. Here's hoping that Paul decides to run for President.

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