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Two years

This Labor Day weekend marks the second anniversary of this blog. From nothing it has grown to 1500-2000 visits per weekday, about double what it was a year ago. It has accumulated almost 1,000,000 pageviews in the past two years, and is now running at 2000-2500 pageviews per weekday. The number of readers may be much higher than is reflected in these statistics, however, since most of my posts are also published on Seeking Alpha, where I'm currently ranked #11 out of 100 authors, with some 40,000 followers. Plus, the blog is ranked #35 out of 461 on Econolog.

I'm still doing the blog ad honorem. One of my original motives for starting the blog was to find a way to give back after so many years of taking, and I'd like to think the blog's growing popularity is a sign that I have something valuable to offer. (Caveat lector: free advice can often be worthless.) I've learned a lot my from supply-side mentors, and this is one way of keeping supply-side theory alive, since it is vastly under-appreciated in my experience. I might still be in the workforce if it weren't for my hearing disability, and the blog provides a great outlet for my passion for economics and markets without the need for commitments or commuting. 

My political orientation is libertarian and I am a long-time supporter of the Cato Institute, about whom George Will recently said: "Given freedom, the American people will flower. Given the Cato Institute, the American people will, in time, secure freedom." Like Cato, I will disparage any politician, regardless of party, who promotes policies which I find antithetical to free markets and individual liberty. I think every investor should pay great attention to politics, since good or bad policies can make a huge difference to the economy and the markets.

Finally, my thanks to the many loyal readers and commenters. I'm happy to say that the vast majority of the thousands of comments posted here have been thoughtful and constructive. If there is one thing that I miss in retirement, it is the ability to travel the country and interact with clients that in turn were in charge of managing huge sums of money. I have always learned a lot by having to answer tough questions, and I now receive those almost daily.

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