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Happy Holidays

.. from my family to yours. When I think back to a year ago, I realize this has been a great year. Not a perfect year, of course, but much better than most people would have expected. It hasn't been the end of the world as we know it. The financial crisis has passed, and the economy is improving. We hope that things will continue to improve.

In the meantime, we are fortunate to have all of our children and grandchildren—with the exception of my son and his fiancee who live in Hawaii—with us tonight. My job today is to fix the turkey and prepare the gravy and mashed potatoes. This year I've added a mushroom casserole thanks to my Aunt's recipe. My wife is doing a leg of lamb and a ham, and our friends and relatives (we'll have about 35 for dinner tonight) are bringing the rest. It's a wonderful tradition that is enjoyed by old and young, and if all goes well we'll be toasting with champagne and dancing come midnight.

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