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100 Quick and Easy Ways to Waste Your Money

A huge hat tip to my good friend Don Luskin for pointing me to Senator Tom Coburn's compilation of 100 ways in which the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is wasting taxpayers' money. Here is a random sampling of the things that your hard-earned dollars are being spent on:
“Almost Empty” Mall Awarded Energy Grant ($5 million)

Renovations for Federal Building as Expensive as New Building ($133 million)

DTV Advertising Agency Generates Three Jobs ($5.9 million)

Research to Develop Supersonic Corporate Jets ($4.7 Million)

Water Pipeline to a Money-Losing Golf Course ($2.2 million)

Program to Control Home Appliances From a Remote Location ($787,250)

Dinner Cruise Company Gets Terrorism Prevention Money ($943,190)

Broadband Map That May be Obsolete by the Time It’s Complete ($350 million)

Grant to Fund Search for Fossils . . . In Argentina ($1.57 million)

Study on "Hookup" Behavior of Female College Coeds ($219,000)

Money to Airport Authority Cited for Having Problems Managing Federal Money ($9.6 million)

Buffalo Residents Paid to Keep Daily Journal of Malt Liquor and Marijuana Use ($389,357)

California Gets Money to Upgrade Computer System . . . Twice ($60 million)

Obsolete Bridge Converted to Bike Path ($5.6 million)

If you don't refer everyone on your mailing list to Coburn's document listing 100 government boondoggles disguised as economic stimulus, then you are remiss in your civic duties.

Yes, these are the "shovel ready" projects that were absolutely vital in order to keep the economy from falling down a black hole. It's. Simply. Amazing. And downright infuriating!

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